3. 08/01/2015

Dear sister, Included in this packet are my estimates of the current human population along with forward estimates and predictions for future development. The current population here is 7.29 billion and could reach 10 billion in 50 cycles. Food propagation is predominantly from farming and agriculture both of which are conducted significantly below what we […]

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2. 05/12/2014

Dear sister,  Included in this packet are my summary notes on the development of the civilization on planet three of this system.  The civilization is yet to reach Type 1 but should approach it in approximately 120 cycles without intervention. Current energy requirements are met predominantly with fossil fuels. Surprisingly, they are capable of nuclear fission but expend […]

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1. 05/12/2014

Dear Sister, I have made contact with the twin we spoke about. The similarities are uncanny but as you said, he is not me, his molecules are not mine, his stars are not my stars. Interestingly he predicted my arrival to within two cycles accuracy. He has kindly offered to harbour me indefinitely in exchange for food […]

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