3. 08/01/2015

Dear sister,

Included in this packet are my estimates of the current human population along with forward estimates and predictions for future development.

The current population here is 7.29 billion and could reach 10 billion in 50 cycles.
Food propagation is predominantly from farming and agriculture both of which are conducted significantly below what we would consider acceptable efficiency. Approximately 40% of the usable land surface is devoted to agriculture and this will increase as the population increases.

Like us, they are curious about their universe, they are resourceful enough to develop the means to explore and expand, and they appear to be on a path of continual population growth so expansion into space will become increasingly necessary. There is very little discussion of population control and so my inevitable conclusion is to predict war and starvation. Probably not in that order.

I know the Dasarti look at our own expansion with distaste. They think we are a virus, expanding indefinitely, colonising our galaxy. And to some extent I agree. But growth was a necessary driver for our great adventure into the heavens, and so it will be for the people here.

As a side note I have noticed the capacity here for people to follow down the path of the Dasarti. Virtual worlds are being created regularly for games and entertainment. They have explored hibernation possibilities. And they have begun projects to map the brain. I am hopeful however, that they will remain curious about their universe. And that maybe they will look outward as well as inward to find their answers.


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