2. 05/12/2014

Dear sister, 

Included in this packet are my summary notes on the development of the civilization on planet three of this system. 

The civilization is yet to reach Type 1 but should approach it in approximately 120 cycles without intervention. Current energy requirements are met predominantly with fossil fuels. Surprisingly, they are capable of nuclear fission but expend very little effort on fusion. They are in the early stages of direct energy collection from their star and have even predicted the necessity of the carbon ring that we currently use at home. 

The land is separated by vast oceans and the civilization is fractured into many groups with varying forms of government. In some cases leaders are elected from among the populace while more often leaders are self-appointed or are selected from within familial groups. A class system still exists which, similar to that of our own ancestors prior to the war, is divided into lower, middle, and upper classes. Communication systems have developed to the beginning phase of a Type 1 which they call The Internet. As the quality of their system improves the classes are becoming more informed about one-another and this I believe will be a component of their great filter

Advancement seems to be possible and current estimates give a 13 percent likelihood of achieving Type 1 before self-destruction. Obviously I am particularly excited about this prospect as none of the other colonies have shown as much promise. 

At this stage I have decided to make no intervention either scientifically or politically to influence their development. They split the atom some 97 cycles ago and have managed to not destroy themselves so I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I see otherwise. I will also make no effort to expedite their advancement. 120 cycles is a reasonable period and I am informed that our fleet is capable of withstanding assault indefinitely but please inform me if this changes.

Lots of love

Steven Apples.


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